Tyler Hayes is...
really into dark mode currently in San Francisco eating a La Palma burrito bouldering making music probably making coffee getting better at stick & poke bikin' slow-mo using metaphors when adjectives would do making some leather wallets waxing poetic discovering weekly building some Arduino mood lighting reading a book listening to a book talking about black holes

working on

  • Building Roof, an app that makes communication and transactions between roommates, tenants and landlords easy. Currently using Flutter to rebuild our iOS and Android apps.
  • Prototyping new interfaces for Castle's exceptional web dashboard, using Angular 7. Lots of interactive data visualization.
  • excited about

  • The winning lineup at Form this year.
  • The upcoming release of Hummingbird, web platform for the astonishingly, poetically good Flutter framework.
  • listening to

  • This live dj wizardry by Solomun
  • This journey of emotional indulgence
  • This salaciously good new James Blake
  • proud of making

  • This occasionally-growing photo gallery
  • The website for art & film group, Pallidocs
  • reading

  • The Technological Singularity by Murray Shanahan. A delightful peek into the future of AI and brain emulation. Also part of the MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series, which everyone should know about.
  • Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson. A bizarre, futuristic science fiction novel set in a digital metaverse, featuring super hacker and master swordsman, Hiro Protagonist.
  • Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig
  • pretty friendly

    brewed 03/27/19